Leftover from a Mother and Daughter Adventure

It was early 2007. My career was nowhere like current days. As a matter of fact the word “career” itself was very much in wanting for me. The small town guy (myself) once again landed in a crowded town at the persistence of his close friend and that his family had also lost all their trust on him. I had already seen & lived in Hell, danced with devil, done it all!!

I was in Bangalore (today’s Bengaluru) in search of any job by which i could sustain myself. As people started recognizing me so was the same going within myself, letting them in gradually. My friends acquaintances were not excited to have me but were not shy of me either, which i am grateful to them on all count! It was a 2 storey house in Koramangala 8th Block and we total 7 flat mates were bunked up in the 1st storey of the building which was in a prime-time location, more than 1300 square feet flat with two small but beautiful balcony’s. With old airport still functional, balcony was all our flat mate’s favorite spot for past-time.

Myself a beginner/fresher in the crowd had enough time alone, as experienced were busy and much focused than me. The balcony(s) served as my easiest way to stay close to the crowd and not get diverted to any negative thinking/depression. People my age were earning manifold than what i was laboring for. While i was grateful to be working on Bangalore my flat mates were often travelling international at work. Myself being night shift employee had exposure to live in the house those times when only women or old-aged inhabit in typical India. I was desperately looking for something to hold on to for building my own goals, ambitions, because i had none.  

We humans are like vultures/eagles looking for our prey and it was my turn to come out as the easiest catch of the millennium. Everyday afternoon i used to make own food, and spent most of time strolling balcony. Even the kids said Hi Hello and so was i exchanging greetings that i saw a beautiful girl in the opposite house, ground floor. Her age was not only ripe but close enough to get in to a nuptial relationship with someone in my age, soon. It was a family of four members living at the ground floor of the opposite building. They were Muslims.

I until this moment believed that it was me who was looking upon the girl but on the contrary that they were looking upon me, jointly as a family, will never be known until this story is told and read by people to decide the neutral perspective and hence truth be known. 

Why is it necessary? It is necessary because it is close to 10 years & I have LOST IT ALL to whatever I had built since the dawn of 2007. Life today is back to the same place where it was once, late 2006’s. 

Please stay tuned for future write-out’s as i keep jotting them down in my blog.


About mostafihr

Prioritize heart before head...age 32 years, An Idle Thinker....No exceptional Authentic Academic achievements. Interacted / met PEOPLE from different parts of life....via work opportunities across India.
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