Leftover from a Mother and Daughter Adventure

Continued from the previous one…

There can be multiple perceptions & at times you might find it unfairly for one or the other entity (s).

My reaction to this would be, she was never mine! Haven’t contacted… ever. And then there was a time when 24 hours were spent just to stalk upon me. The activity itself is a crime. Entire family pitched against one boy who is an outsider. Funny I remember the first time we spoke she accused me of “stalking” & myself the fool of the millennium accepted, apologized and easily forgiven in return of LOVE. That was what took it for. Only a man as desolate as me can prove how to live rest of the life centered around one individual human being and same time bring prosperity. I share blames for how and why all that happened had happened!!

Then why am I not able to “move-on”? The old habits of “Hope” and “not give-up” has ruined /killed me. Hopelessness is where I find myself all the time.

These are times when the words or contents in a communication ongoing is not all but the communication process becomes in to a LIFE Form.

Finally towards end of this story one of them has to accept being unwise!! Though you all might feel/ find that Deeds of neither parties were that venial.

It is 25th of Aug’16, 5am; Stay tuned for the next revelation.





About mostafihr

Prioritize heart before head...age 32 years, An Idle Thinker....No exceptional Authentic Academic achievements. Interacted / met PEOPLE from different parts of life....via work opportunities across India.
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