Regarding Gaddafi’s Nation State–Current situation–03/31/2011


How can you justify citizens of their own country picking up firearms (guns), ammunitions just to save their ‘homes/families’? It highlights, either they have serious internal problems within the country or that enemies were always there, present in masses everywhere, which is why every individual is frenzied in killing people of their own land. I guess, we Indians prefer addressing each other as brothers. <<After 1979, Gaddafi was also called as “The Brother Leader”>>

But our curiosity increases further when we are made aware of a pre-Libyan history of tribalism where the tribal lords/chieftains were the main heads in administering their own tribes. Whatever Libyan entity is today, was unified in 1969 as one single Arab Republic country under the leadership of Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi. This 17th largest country of the world traces its modern history back to 24th December, 1951 when Turkish occupants declared Libya as an united independent kingdom under the rule of King Idris. Geographical location advantage adds half the might & glory of this nation, and the rest is ‘oil based politics’. The  majority of its land area falls under Saharan desert & so rarely inhabited by common mass. Its narrow borderline to the coastal Mediterranean is a scenic beauty for rest of the world but a biggest occupation area of entire African continent. And this is what puts Libya above, among the rest of the African nations. You can corner this entire country but still it can flee through sea route & find a new land to re-create its own identity.

I read in some newsprint that Gaddafi has commented, “the way we stopped Al Qaida to enter our land, nobody can do as such”. This is a much powerful statement than the declarations/actions undertaken by Bush Jr., on aftermath of the Twin-Towers. If both these are considered premise #1 & premise #2 then logically derived  inference proves Muammar al-Gaddafi as a much more mature leader of the world as compared to George Bush Jr.

My intent is not to arouse any interest in criticism of nations but individuals. A land ruled by tribal lords & chieftains, combine all of them under single rule & it becomes a unified Kingdom, which happened in 1951 & the honorary king was King Idris. Muammar al-Gaddafi is a great visionary & a true Leader. In those times, none of the Tribal lords were Oxonians or individuals with similar credentials to realize Gaddafi’s vision & could not have united together for a true cause of bringing a revolution to form/create a single “Nation-State”, Libya. I am sure majority of them apprehended Gaddafi’s actions. Gaddafi’s actions were not godly & at few a times, death of a few chieftains arrived even before they could dream. One of those chieftains came to a meeting called by al-Gaddafi & not sure with what intent, he boasted of his tribe possessing huge stockpiles of ammunitions, firepower which no one can imagine. It was a lie, but before that could be further investigated Gaddafi had ordered to eliminate all the heads of that tribal group overnight.

Members/common man of several such groups are todays Libyan citizens. Such individuals later regrouped as families then built communities; and current days rebels or allies. But all this happened over a long period of time as long as 42 years. What we don’t see is a similar Libyan visionary who can replace this man Muammar al-Gaddafi.

Todays world citizens must realize this fact, at least, that whoever had led a revolution against kingly rule are the main frontrunners of current human civilisation.

They had lived those lives what we read & try to imagine, today. Al-Gaddafi had envisioned the very idea of Libya as a single “Nation-State” entity unified as an Arab republic.

As people die in Libya, we observe, and a few powerful intervene to so called ‘save civilisation’ but in real they are safeguarding their own interests. For example, a Russian state company has major stakes in a particular oil reserve of Libya; surprisingly there’s no report of any fighting in that area or nearby towns. The Libyan citizens of that town comments that ‘no fighting here & if such situations arise we along with Russian forces shall guard our land vis-à-vis oil wells….he he he

Until this Gaddafi revolution, Libyan resources were exploited under supervision of the United Nations, but if things continuously keep on deteriorating for Gaddafi’s regime then Libya will soon become an orphaned land open for uncontrolled exploitation by international community. And FYI of the Libyans, this time there will be no supervision because UN secretary general Ban Ki moon was recently manhandled in Arab League headquarters where he had convened a meeting to decide Libya’s fate.

May God Save Libya – Amen!


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