Unethical behaviour or corruption is a matter of Degrees, irrespective of Geographical boundaries


In US business schools there is rarely much discussion about basic ethics. It is taken for the granted that the grads will be essentially honest. You don’t have to teach them about meum etteum (that’s mine & yours for the Latin less). What they are told about is how to resist pressures in emerging economies where things don’t move unless you grease the appropriate palms.

People who are corrupt they have a short-term mentality. They believe they won’t get caught and, sooner or later, will make enough to land in a milk & honey.

UNFORTUNATELY THE HONEY HAS TO BE SPREAD… You get much less than your original calculations. And once on the Ferris Wheel, you can’t get off.

“All organisations are unethical” says an aggrieved, Mumbai based HR Consultant. “But there are grades of corruption. One of the biggest houses has hired my services and then refused to pay the fees”. She seems to be equally angry with the MNCs who preach but don’t practise. “They have constantly been saying that that the Indian environment forced them in to corruption”, she says. “But now that Indian companies have started going abroad, they find those guys waiting with open palms. When they bribed Indian politicians, half the money stayed in their personal accounts.”

She feels that there needs to be a re-thinking on how you define the most corrupt country in the world. Chocolates & cheese can’t make you smell good forever.

So does joining the rate race means that we have to don the ethics of rodent? Not necessarily.

You can be a white mouse, unambitious and unworried.

You may miss out on some goodies, but you don’t risk the traps too.

“The maxims. life span of a rat is three years, although most barely manage one” as per Wikipedia->a yearly mortality rate of 95% is estimated. A white mouse can soldier on till six.

Adjunct Professor, TRUCK SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Richard S. Shreve says “We don’t spend a lot of time trying to convince our students not to commit fraud”


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Prioritize heart before head...age 32 years, An Idle Thinker....No exceptional Authentic Academic achievements. Interacted / met PEOPLE from different parts of life....via work opportunities across India.
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